Holiday Family Gathering
You are at your annual family Thanksgiving gathering. This year, you were excited to bring your significant other home to meet your family. Everyone is friendly and welcoming, and greets your significant other warmly. Your family shows a lot of interest at the dinner table, commenting frequently on your compatibility and telling stories about your childhood. While finishing dessert, your aunt comments that she thinks the combination of your complexion and your significant other's ethnicity will make beautiful mixed race babies someday should you choose to have a family. How do you respond to this?

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Before you speak, take inventory of your emotions. What bodily sensations are you experiencing? How does your head, stomach, and heart feel?

You might say, “I see that your intention was positive, but that comment makes me feel upset. Our babies will be cute, but I don’t like the implication that it’s because of their ethnic makeup.” (We got this response from this article if you want to read more.)